[thelist] Image loading

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu Jun 7 22:22:13 CDT 2001

> I have a file that is inserted into several pages using SSI.
> This file loads an image. I would like to load a different
> image on each page. e.g. page 1 - image 1, page 2 - image 2,
> etc.   Can I do that with js?

hi mac

i would do it with SSI, since you're already using it

much more reliable than javascript, since it works for 100% of your site
visitors, whether they have javascript enabled or not

something along the lines of

   <!--#if expr="$DOCUMENT_NAME = /page1/" -->
   <!--#elif expr="$DOCUMENT_NAME = /page2/" -->
   <!--#else -->
   <!--#endif -->
       width="468" height="60">



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