[thelist] JS Question - Geocities sticky ad - how?

Oliver Lohri oliver.lohri at bluewin.ch
Fri Jun 8 06:33:18 CDT 2001

Hello there

smile to be honest I'm 20yo, so pretty "unprofessional(?)". Well, have to
start somewhere. :)

I would like to know how the geocities sticky ad works. That means how
is the code implemented and above all, how does it work to have a small
window "flowing" over the main page. In IT-Development-Resources I mostly
found it implemented with </div> Tags...pretty annoying for gettin' a
good layout. I managed it finally to get the JS-Code off the site (sorry
;-) )
but there is also an Interface implemented to change the content dynamically
and user-specific which made the code very strange. Again: How is it
and how does it work for NS/IE.

I think this sticky ad is pretty annoying - for geocities users - but I
if it is done well and well implemented giving the user the ability to
the "window" (e.g. open, minimize, close) it can be a nice method to
through a specific part of a site.

I'm very grateful for answers on this topic


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