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Michael Goddard michael at tdh-marketing.com
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This is correct...the path structure of the links in the PDF retain the
structure of whatever the path structure was of the computer created on.
For example...c:\path\pdf\PDF  Since you are trying to link them via a web
protocal, you are going to have to go in and use the weblink feature of
Acrobat to change all the links to the correct protocal.

To do this, select the "Link" tool in the toolbar (looks like a chain link
icon), if using PC; right click on the link and select properties.  From the
dialog box that pops up, click on the drop-down list and select the World
Wide Web Link option.  Click ok ok...etc..

To create a link, select the "Link" tool, draw your link and then select the
correct link protocal that you wish to use.

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> I have a CDs worth of linked PDF docs to transfer to our intranet
> I was thinking that I was easily able to transfer the data structures and
> the links would remain intact... Not so number 1!!! The PDF doesn't
> recognize the paths set up on the CD even though I copied them exactly as
> to the web....
> Why is this?? Do I need to rewrite the PDF with links as url vs path???
> thanks List
> np. Police - "Masoko Tango"

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