[thelist] Flash "comments"?

sales at iibiz.com sales at iibiz.com
Fri Jun 8 10:18:29 CDT 2001

> Do you mean the comments that include all the text in the object? why will
> SE's bounce it, thats what I thought it was for?

Yes, the text in the object.  But, like if you look at the source code at
www.iibiz.com (gotta be quick!) you'll see that it's quite excessive!

My first thought is that I should manually edit some of that out (so not to
be accused of spamming and possibly being dropped), but my second thought is
that the search engines ignore anything that is "commented" out anyway.
Which kinda defeats Flash generating it in the first place.

So, com'on - some one knows!  DO the search engines ignore data in "comment"


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