[thelist] When should you redirect? (was site redirect check)

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Fri Jun 8 13:07:09 CDT 2001

Hi Gang,

I'll agree that moved content is a good reason for a redirect, I think there
are some other valid functional uses as well.

* After the user clicks a 'log out' link, they get a 'thank you' page ...
and then (after a few seconds) a redirect to the main menu. 

Of course, you could just put a link on the 'thank you' and let them sit
there admiring your 'thank you' as long as they want instead.  Those
redirects don't bother me - I think it's a good use.  

[Maybe there should be one when logging out of the evolt phpadmin page
instead of that yucky popup -> cancel -> error message?]     ;-)

* After form submission containing sensitive information.  For users on
public | shared machines - they wouldn't want the next user to back into
their form and cc information.  There might be better ways to do this, but
my impression was that redirects were a popular use here.


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