[thelist] Very nice trick to save bandwidth.

Ryan Finley RyanF at SonicFoundry.com
Fri Jun 8 14:13:39 CDT 2001

First off, maybe only 10-20% of people actually KNOW what javascript is, let
alone know or care about turning it off.

But we can detect if you have Javascript turned off...no need to penalize
the paranoid.

To amend my original off-the-cuff remark, I looked under my SuperStats.com
account.  Luckily, it tracks the number of people who have javascript turned
off.  So I can back up my statement with hard numbers.

These are from people who visit the front page of my site only.

24,365 (97.3%) javascript on
675    (2.7%)  javascript turned off

	Ryan Finley
	President - SurveyMonkey.com (http://www.surveymonkey.com)

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