[thelist] Very nice trick to save bandwidth.

Bill Mason data at data1701d.com
Fri Jun 8 14:30:50 CDT 2001

At 12:09 PM 6/8/01, you wrote:
>Actually, can you pass along a source that gives these kinds of numbers.
>That sounds really high.
>on 6/8/01 2:40 PM, Bill Mason at data at data1701d.com wrote:
> > But of course now when I and the 10-20% (pick your favorite source) of
> > those surfing with JS turned off cruise by, we don't see most of the page
> > content.  Bummer.

Well I see all sorts of attempts to quantify it and the results vary a lot, 
so I don't really keep track of the sources.

The only one I can think of offhand is thecounter.com, which in a traffic 
study of March 2001 cited 20% of surfers not using JavaScript.

20% is probably the highest number I ever ran across.  Most anything else I 
read reported 10-15%.

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