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Hiran Watson hiranwatson at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 8 15:26:56 CDT 2001

Ian, two good programs I've found useful and are shareware are 
SonicFoundry's Acid, and CoolEdit. (Actually, Acid is supposed to be a fully 
functioning free version, but that's not totally true!) The link for Acid is 
http://www.sonicfoundry.com/download/step2.asp?DID=155 and the link for 
CoolEdit is http://www.cooledit.com/. You might need a bit more than what 
they offer, but for me they have worked fine. In terms of music format, when 
you record/rip/create music on your computer, it's stored in Microsoft's PCM 
format (*.wav).  You can convert it to MPEG-Layer 3 format (*.mp3) to save 
space. Because you're converting from one format to another, you'll lose 
some quality, but usually it's not enough to notice to the untrained ear. 
There are a variety of programs to convert to mp3, but the one I use is 
Audiograbber. Again, the version I use is the shareware version, but it's 
unlimited time. The link is 
http://www.audiograbber.com-us.net/download.html. Download Audiograbber, and 
the Lame MP3 Dll. Install them both to the same directory. Then when you 
start Audiograbber, click on the mp3 icon, select internal encoder, and the 
LameEnc Dll. Then you can select what bitrate you want. The higher the 
bitrate, the better the quality, but the more the space required. For the 
most part, 192Kbit/s is recommended because that's close enough to cd 
quality, and the difference in sound w/ the higher bitrates aren't usually 
noticed. You can select also whether you want Audiograbber to rip directly 
to wav, or mp3, or what. If you want to convert a wav that's not ripped from 
a cd to mp3 (which you want to do), click on file, select make mp3, and 
select the wav file. (Make sure you select the bitrate and stuff the way I 
mentioned above). Anyway, these three programs work fine for me, so give 
them a try.

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>A friend has been authoring a text book. I suggested we could put it on our
>organization's web site but he said he wanted
>to add some very short singing to the pages.
>I have never, yet, experimented with any computer audio.
>What is the prefered format ( .wav , ???)?
>What tools are available (for home hobbiest not professional )
>to convert/edit music from a cassette tape to a .wav file?
>I thought I might also burn a few CD's with this book
>in web format and include an auto run.
>Suggestions please.
>- IanO -

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