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Valerie Walker vw at raresponse.com
Fri Jun 8 15:41:41 CDT 2001

For Lisa--I had the same problem with HTML email not sending except as plain
text, and this is how I solved it without having to go to Unix.  I think
this qualifies as a <tip>

How to send HTML emails which have been constructed on a MAC to PCs and back
using Outlook and Outlook Express. (Outlook Express for the Mac will only
send text.) you need a PC and a Mac, which must be networked; the shared
folder is "macshare".
On the Mac:
1. Code HTML file. Use PageSpinner or another text editor, such as
Dreamweaver. PageSpinner is better because it doesn't put in a lot of
extraneous code.

2. Open Netscape Communicator/ file/ Open/ Page in Composer/ and open the
HTML file. 

3. Save as <doc> to "macshare" folder.  Close Netscape.
4. Open original PageSpinner HTML document , select all and copy.

5. Open Netscape file in the "macshare" folder with PageSpinner, select all
and paste. Save. [This step is necessary because Netscape strips out all
paths to images and all image sizes during the process of saving the page as
a Netscape doc, so you have to put them back in from the original code. I
have no idea why.]

On the PC: 
1. Open Internet Explorer. Use it to open Netscape <doc> in "macshare"  and
select File/ Send/ Page by email. This will open Outlook 2000.

2. Send the page to whoever in the office or outside you wish. Recipients
whose email clients don't support MIME will receive the file as an
attachment, and others will receive it as an HTML page.

I don't know if this is adequate for testing an email on all browsers, but
it does work on the Big Two and it does work cross-platform, so it will
serve the purpose of in-house proofing and sending proofs for client review.
Note: the images must be on the client site, or somewhere definite on the
Web. </tip>

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