[thelist] [OT] windows 2000 logon

tss24 at cornell.edu tss24 at cornell.edu
Fri Jun 8 16:44:47 CDT 2001

question everyone.

with windows 2000, when i boot up and the logon screen 
appears, i am presented with the normal 2 dialog boxes 
(username: and password:).

with the username box, i used to remember a drop down 
box would list the past users, but now, this drop down 
box is no where to be seen.

my question is, how i can re-enable this drop down box? 
or is this not possible?

<tip type="meta tags" author="ted serbinski">
meta tags are used for the most part to describe 
information about your web page for use in search 

most users don't need this information when browsing 
your site. and with very detailed meta tags, these can 
add quite a bit of K to the size of your page, making 
it longer and longer to download. 

so why not shave this off? using either php, asp, jsp, 
ssi (or your choice or something else), put in a 
conditional statement that does something like this:

if (this is a browser) {
  do nothing
else {
  print meta information

this way, only bots will see your meta information for 
search engine requests, and the user will benefit with 
a faster downloading page.


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