[thelist] IE 404 message?

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Fri Jun 8 16:59:37 CDT 2001

Sam-I-Am wrote:
> Does anyone know why, in IE5.5 (pc) I sometimes get the 404 page as sent
> by the server, 
> and other times I get IE's own "The page cannot be found" response.
> I'm using a custom 404 on one of my sites, and getting IE's (not
> helpful) page instead of my own.. But this didn't use to be the case,
> dunno what happenned.

Size matters. Apparently the size of the custom 404 message matters.



"Therefore, when the Internet Explorer 5 version of the Wininet.dll file
obtains an HTTP error message, the Wininet.dll file determines if the HTML
content attached to the HTTP error is a well designed Web page. This is
based on the size of the page. The threshold value in the registry is
evaluated for each error. If the Web page is small enough, it gets rejected,
and the friendly HTTP-status Web page is displayed."

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