[thelist] reports of no images on Mac...got a mac? got a minute?

Bill Mason data at data1701d.com
Fri Jun 8 17:06:57 CDT 2001

At 02:39 PM 6/8/01, you wrote:
>I just finished a small database driven site for an artist.
>the URL: http://www.dianalehr.com
>Some mac users are reporting that they click on the thumbnails, go to a nerw
>page, but dont' see the large image.
>It works for me, the code validates, all the images are on teh server, and
>this is like, the simplest page in the world...hardly more than an image

I just put http://www.dianalehr.com/detail.php?title=Cloudline%20Mist 
through a validator and it doesn't validate 

The pages definitely do not load on the Mac in Netscape 4.77 or 4.08, and 
in iCab 2.5.1. The validator flagged this problem in particular:

<a href=\"index.php\">back</a>

Even though when I view source myself, the code doesn't look like 
that.  Maybe someone else can explain that one.

(Meanwhile FWIW the home page does not load at all in IE 3.01 on the Mac.)

Bill Mason
data at data1701d.com
Dateline: Starfleet

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