[thelist] IE 404 message?

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri Jun 8 17:32:43 CDT 2001


thanks joe

i like that site because it points to what i think is a really good
alertbox article (about what should be on a 404 page)

and yes, i do realize what i just said, but it *is* a good article

("No need to get jakob" -- fabulous, ryan, fabulous)

anyhow, speaking of 404's, there used to be a site called cool 404 pages
(cool404.com) but it has died and that domain now redirects you to
search.vu (owned by the same company) where you can get a free software cd
for US$4.95 and suffer a bunch of popups on your way out

wait, says i, i can probably grab the old cool404 page from google cache --
but no such luck

i wrote to the registrant of cool404.com and he confessed that reviving the
cool 404 pages is way down their list of priorities

such is life on the internet

anyhow, not to worry, plinko has some pretty cool 404s itself...

my personal favourite (not that i spend a lot of time checking out 404s,
you understand) is http://www.phancy.com/404.html


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