[thelist] reports of no images on Mac...got a mac? got a minute?

crayon at speakeasy.net crayon at speakeasy.net
Fri Jun 8 17:54:13 CDT 2001

>John Corry <webshot at neoncowboy.com> typed:
>>  I just finished a small database driven site for an artist.
>  > the URL: http://www.dianalehr.com
>>  Some mac users are reporting that they click on the thumbnails, go to a nerw
>>  page, but dont' see the large image.
>>  It works for me, the code validates, all the images are on teh server, and
>>  this is like, the simplest page in the world...hardly more than an image
>>  tag!
>it worked fine for me on the mac with both netscape 4.77 and IE5.
>charles johnson
>lgf web design
>It worked fine for me on a G4 - both Netscape 6, 4.7, and IE5.

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