[thelist] Email Outsourcing

Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Fri Jun 8 18:23:54 CDT 2001

I would have to disagree strongly.  I have found Interland to be 
nonfunctional, incompetent, unknowledgable and unhelpful.  I'm still 
waiting to resolve issues, that they caused, on our sites days ago.  Major 
stuff, too.

We are quickly migrating all of our sites off of Interland.

And, with the exception of CIHost, I've never seen a web hoster rated so 
poorly by everybody.


At 04:04 PM 6/8/2001, you wrote:
>Not sure if it's available without web hosting, but Interland
>(www.interland.com) charges $60 a year for mail hosting - unlimited POP3
>boxes and aliases with pretty high traffic allowance. If you're interested
>e-mail me offlist and I'll forward contact info so you're talking to a real
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>Subject: [thelist] Email Outsourcing
>Any suggestions on good sources for hosted email services?  I want to be
>able to point an MX record for a domain to a server and have the client use
>that server for POP3 mail or be able to have mail redirects set up.

Ben Dyer
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