[thelist] Email Outsourcing

Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns skaiser at skdesigns.com
Fri Jun 8 19:02:14 CDT 2001

Unfortunately I agree with Ben about Interland. One of my clients recently 
moved his domain there and the domain and his email was a nightmare, and 
the service was even worse. We moved everything in no time to one of my 
friends and colleagues who is a pair.com reseller. I'd definitely recommend 
Pair.com, though!

Interland must be fine for some, although my experience is such that I 
don't plan to try them again and also will steer people away from them, at 
least until I see they've made improvements.

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At 04:18 PM 06/08/2001, you wrote:
>I would have to disagree strongly.  I have found Interland to be 
>nonfunctional, incompetent, unknowledgable and unhelpful.  I'm still 
>waiting to resolve issues, that they caused, on our sites days ago.  Major 
>stuff, too.
>We are quickly migrating all of our sites off of Interland.
>And, with the exception of CIHost, I've never seen a web hoster rated so 
>poorly by everybody.
>At 04:04 PM 6/8/2001, you wrote:
>>Not sure if it's available without web hosting, but Interland
>>(www.interland.com) charges $60 a year for mail hosting - unlimited POP3
>>boxes and aliases with pretty high traffic allowance. If you're interested
>>e-mail me offlist and I'll forward contact info so you're talking to a real
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>>Any suggestions on good sources for hosted email services?  I want to be
>>able to point an MX record for a domain to a server and have the client use
>>that server for POP3 mail or be able to have mail redirects set up.

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