[thelist] When should you redirect? (was site redirect check)

Schaz schaz at ozemail.com.au
Fri Jun 8 20:01:00 CDT 2001

Mark - it also depends on which state in Oz you are in - I know that the 
State Govt in Qld is bringing in the new IM26 (currently in review mode) 
soon that will cover *all* govt websites - it states that by december 2001 
all govt websites must be priority level 1 accessible and all homepages of 
govt sites (the first page) need to be priority level 2 accessible as well. 
This is making my life fun atm coz I'm on contract to a govt dept and I'm 
redesigning the portal page to fit in with this as well as rewriting the 
developer guidelines to include the relevant information on accessibility.

At 05:11 PM 07/06/01, you wrote:
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>Mark Cheng wrote on 7/6/01 5:14 am
> >Being in Oz, its always interesting to hear the latest law suit stories from
> >the US.  If a designer knows that particular browsers or groups of users
> >(blind, color blind, partially sighted) aren't catered for - doesn't he have
> >a responsibility at least to warn those users from entering the site? (Note:
> >designers may not want to do that, but if a client says - flash, they want
> >flash.  someone will do it.)
>Hey Mark:
>Check out Section 24 of Australia's 1992 Disability Discrimination Act

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