[thelist] Aaaaagh! http://www.act-e.com

Peter Kaulback pkaulbak at idirect.ca
Sat Jun 9 09:33:56 CDT 2001

In the wee hour of 01:52 AM 6/9/01 -0400, Bev bequeathed such tales as these:
>Greetings ppl,
><writhing in agony class="despair">
>I've bee asked to "fix" the following site:
>Now it's a really "cool" site in terms of design but it's (IMO) highly
>dysfunctional.  It's running on Apache/Unix so CF & ASP are not an option
>(and I know absolutely no Perl or cgi beyond validating forms).

ChiliSoft ASP runs on Unix as well as CF for Unix.  There is a syntax error 
at line 111 on the "Look" page in IE 5.5 on win98SE but not much else.  The 
site reminds me of an auto site for some reason I can't quite figure out.
Peter Kaulback

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