[thelist] RE: US census count of "disabled"

Nick Koleszar npk at btinternet.com
Sat Jun 9 10:06:37 CDT 2001

A fifth is rather a high figure, especially as, in America, the definition
is probably rather distorted, compared to normal societies. In the US, for
example, a person who steals from their employer could probably get away
with claiming they suffer a disability (the need to steal from their
employer). There are many examples of such political correctness going too
far in Amerika. It is all rather insulting to those who are truly, in the
eyes of society, "disabled". None of this detracts from the need to ensure
that your site design and build does not limit the access of those who do
not have full use of their eyes, ears, limbs, etc.

I could of course be wrong but I wonder what definition of disability was
used in that census. One needs only take a cursory glance at US media to see
how many Americans reckon they suffer from some type of disability.

> Just a thought -- the 2000 U.S. census puts the disabled population at
> roughly 50 million - 1 fifth the total population.  [yes, that #
> includes "every kind" of disability.  still though....]
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