[thelist] How to program with TCP/IP?

Edwin Martin e.j.martin at chello.nl
Sat Jun 9 10:59:07 CDT 2001


>This is kinda a newbie question, but I want to start program with TCP/IP 
>and sending and receiving info over the net. I have two questions. 
>Firstly: what is the TCP/IP port number, and secondly: how exactly do I 
>write, send, receive, and read info over the net. I know that info is sent 
>in packages, but I mean on the basic aspect from the program's point of 
>view. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanx for the help.

Sending/receiving is done with 'sockets', an interface to
the TCP/IP-stack.

Nobody is really writing things directly in TCP/IP (unless you're
working on the TCP/IP-stack).

How you use sockets really depends on the programming
language, but generally, you just open an socket to an host/port
en start writing to it and/or reading from it. Then you close the socket.

Just search for 'socket' in your documentation of your
programming language.

Edwin Martin.

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