[thelist] RE: US census count of "disabled"

Gary Finnigan gfinnigan at talk21.com
Sat Jun 9 11:15:02 CDT 2001

When coding a website, the notion behind using the website is that it is
global. It opens up your information/services whatever to a much larger
market. If I thought that for the sake of a couple of hours I was disabling
my website to millions of potential customers then I would deserving taking
off the contract.

There is no norm anymore. The technologies such as cookies, Jscript, ASP and
CSS are there to enable us to create sites so flexible that people can
actually have it the way they want it. Ay present for instance we are
converting a 600 page site to enable people to have the font size and
colour, and bground colour the way they wish it to be.
Successful companies will usually attribute their success to one
thing...giving the customer what they want.
If you rang ma bell and asked if you could have an info pack on their
services as you were considering installing a phone line, would you accept
it if they sent you a Chinese language pack saying 'The majority of people
in the world speak this language so it's the only one we publish in'.?

I see access to sites as a creative challenge on a personal level, a moral
requirement on another and a necessity from a business sense.



Gary (Who cannot read without strong spectacles.)
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> Joel D Canfield wrote on 9/6/01 5:02 pm
> >And the real point is, if coding for these users is optional where you
> >how many visitors do you want to make your site difficult for? Even if
> >20% figure is double what you might consider the 'real' number, that's
> >a few people to alienate?
> Plus, any minority group which already feels disenfranchised are
> going to get *really* upset if you appear to be biased against them.
> And the converse is true - support an alienated minority and they
> will be very, very loyal.
> If thinking about disabled users is a bit close to the bone, just think
> of producing a site which Mac users can't use at all. How upset would
> they be...
> Cheers
> Martin
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