[thelist] "User" fonts

the head lemur headlemur at qwest.net
Sat Jun 9 16:04:12 CDT 2001

> Are there ways to over-ride a users default fonts?


Short answer Yes.


Bad answer Yes.
(large drone about accessibility deleted for brevity)

the archives will probably provide you with enough javascript and CSS to
keep you going for months.

cross your fingers and hope your audience is using a CSS aware browser
cross your fingers and hope your audience has javascript enabled

BTW the user had to change the default to read sites in MS Comic.....

which means they may also have defined their own style sheet......

readability, navigability and accessibility grasshopper.....

we can do no more.....

<tip type=photos>
when making photos for the web and creating thumbnails, be aware they will
need sharpening and brightning as when you compress images they tend to get
fuzzy and darken.

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