[thelist] Aaaaagh! http://www.act-e.com

Lindalu2 lindalu2 at msn.com
Sat Jun 9 17:25:08 CDT 2001

Hey Bev,

You wrote:

> Can you guys please hammer the site with your various browsers & OS's and
> tell e what you come up with so I can convince them that it's not gonna
> to just make a few quick fixes?  I'm doing this project on a completely
> volunteer basis, so if some sense cannot be made out of it real soon I'm
> gonna deal with it.

Oy Bev, you're right about the writhing in agony part.   I'm using IE 6.01
on a Windows Me system.

I will credit them with some beautiful artwork and a neat concept ... but
once I clicked the "read" button at the bottom right hand corner of the
popup window, I couldn't get back because they had specified the window not
use the menu up top but also didn't have the navigation system (that I could
find) on the Read page.   So I couldn't explore the other options .... then
when I simply closed that popup window, the other act-e window seemed only
to be one large picture ... no nav function that I could find.   What's the
purpose of that even?

In terms of what I DID like ... I personally thought it was clever to have
that little popup nav in the popup window (but please get rid of the popup
window) ... if it were only a bit more useful.   I like thinking of new,
neat and arty navigation principles, bearing in mind, of course, what type
of user seems to be the target audience ... sometimes ya need a big "CLICK
HERE SILLY RABBIT" button, ya know what I mean?

Anyway, I don't have time to explore further at the moment but will try to
jot down more thoughts for you in the future ... would you like them on or
off-list??   Not sure what's best in this situation but definitely looking
forward to hearing other thoughts on this quite unusual, but potential
interesting site.   (But yeah ... it totally SUCKS nav-wise at the moment!


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