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Schaz schaz at ozemail.com.au
Sun Jun 10 20:04:08 CDT 2001

you don't have to do this - just set your normal font size to be 100% (and 
increase the sizings for the h tags) - this will mean if they have their 
default font size set on their machine to bigger then they will get the 
fonts bigger - having one linked css file will make it soooo much easier.


At 09:59 AM 11/06/01, you wrote:
>I have a very lage site which I maintain for a charity organisation. We are
>striving to make this site acessible to everyone. One of the ways we do this
>is by 'copying' the site 3 times, each version with a slightly greater font
>This takes a massive amount of time and energy to update.
>I am in the process of using a CSS file to control the 'normal' part of the
>site. I would like people to be able to click on a link and load in a
>different style sheet that will allow them to view a greater font size.
>I know this can be done, but don't know how.
>Can anyone help?
>Regards and thanks in advance
>Gary Finnigan

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