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> So I'm hitting the freelance world (on the side) and keep thinking: should
> i display a résumé or a cv on my site?
> but, is there a difference between the two?
> what is a cv?
> and résumé?

Sadly, almost any business-oriented reference you look up will make no
distinction between the two.  Instructors and services for "resumes" are
suddenly mixing them.  Personally, I attribute it to the self-aggrandizement
of the business world over the last couple of years.  CV just sounds so much
more important ;)

Speaking as the wife of a college professor, however,  I prefer the
traditional use for the CV.  Curriculum vitae is historically used in the
academic, rather than business world and is a listing of a person's studies,
publications, research, honors, fellowships, etc., used as the "resume" of
the teaching profession and is generally extremely detailed.  The rule of
thumb for general resumes is typically one page, whereas a CV can go on ad

An excellent reference can be found at
"When is a Curriculum Vitae Appropriate?"

For instance, despite any academic standing, I offer a resume.  Hubby the
Professor offers a Curriculum Vitae.


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