[thelist] Is there a solution for this?

Ryan Finley RyanF at SonicFoundry.com
Mon Jun 11 15:32:35 CDT 2001

I received this email today, and I was wondering if anyone on the list had
some input on this problem...

If lack of internet access is the issue, is it possible to go the embedded
HTML route?  If the firewall permitted outgoing connections, would it work?

Here is the message I received:

"We have been struggling in looking into other options for doing electronic
surveys (for us it is important we can do the survey through email without
the need at the end-user to install software) but it looks like it is going
to be tough (which means chapeau to your product).

It looks like we have found a company which can write something for us from

BUT the only thing we want/need is an extra feature added to surveymonkey:
send the survey in HTML (or Word) directly to the receivers instead of an
email with a URL to answer the survey.
This is caused by the fact that big companies in the Neteherlands (our main
customers) often make email to their employees available but NOT Internet

Conclusion: I would love to use your product but I am stucked with the fact
that people need Internet/Intranet access. (I prefer also to use your
services instead of buying a 'licence' which we have to run on our own
servers - you probably understand the product technical wise better then we

Thanks for any input,

	Ryan Finley
	President - SurveyMonkey.com (http://www.surveymonkey.com)

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