[thelist] Web Stat Software

Chris George chrisg at gsnet.com
Tue Jun 12 17:04:11 CDT 2001

Here I go with what _not_ to get:


We've completely ditched it.  It's slow.  Modifying the overall structure of
the HTML reports it outputs is a hack.  Error messages are vague and common.
They've got like 100 tiers to their product that seems to require upgrading
for any new thing you would like to do.  Example:

We have 2 log servers maintaining logs for our single web site.  We lost
power for a bit and ended up having to cat the logs together to create a
complete log.  No big deal, right?  Unfortunately Webtrends seemed to think
that we were doing something that required their Enterprise edition, which
was 10 times more expensive than the version we were using.

So we installed Webaliser 2.01 and cooked through a month's worth of logs in
a couple of hours, reverse DNS and everything.  It's OpenSource.

So that's my what not to get speech.

Our parent company has LiveStats and they apparently got sold on Webtrends
Enterprise and now ask US for our stats.  Everything ran fine with

Now, in having said all this, the version of Webtrends  we had was (I think)
2 versions old. 6.0 I think.  I don't know what they're up to now.

Oh, and IMO, the yearly subscriptions for upgrades are expensive.



on 6/12/2001 2:45 PM, Justin at justin at monarchmedia.com wrote:

> I am trying to find the best statistical software for organizing server
> stats.  The two I've seen and read the most about are Media House's
> "LiveStats" and Exody's WebSuxess 4.  Anyone have any experience with these
> two products or have anything else they think is really swell?
> Many Thanks

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