[thelist] Site Loads too Slowly

Boerner, Brian J brian.j.boerner at lmco.com
Wed Jun 13 08:23:17 CDT 2001

Noticed the same thing with the FW DHTML

but guess what? every time you reload the page you increase the size of the
cache file due to the menus so i don't know what benefit cache has in this

do this - clear cache, open (empty) cache folder, load your page, shift
reload your page a few times - I dunno the why's of it but I do know that it
will exceed any limits you set in your prefs on your browser cache folder

this is odd when compared to webreference menuing... any ideas??

np. Neil, "I am a Child"

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Subject: [thelist] Site Loads too Slowly

> I've just updated a site (http://www.ci.concord.ca.us) that uses
> JavaScript menus (from Fireworks popup feature) and has a few more
> graphics than I've used in the past. The site loads too slowly and I'd
> like suggestions on getting it to load more quickly. I think it's the
> JavaScript that's the main culprit. The menus and the script that runs
> them are being called from the pages. I noticed these scripts have been
> cached on my computer so I'm assuming they're quicker to get to than if
> they weren't. (I did a test without the fancy menus and the page loaded
> pretty quickly.) Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Ann Stephens

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