[thelist] Font size problems with CSS & NN 4.73(win)

noah noah at tookish.net
Wed Jun 13 11:15:54 CDT 2001

At 02:55 PM 13/06/2001 +0100, Richard H. Morris wrote:
>True although ems don't seem to render the same in Netscape as they do in

I think that the idea is for 1 em to be the browser's regular text size 
(i.e., the size that the text would be if the text size was not specified 
via CSS or HTML), so in theory the size should vary across platforms based 
on the default (or chosen) text size on each platform.

Of course, theory and reality can be two very different things.

One problem I've had with using em is that IE seems to always relate the 
size to the browser default, whereas NS (4.7, at least), relates it to the 
parent element: so in IE if you have a <p> with text size 0.8em inside a 
<td> with text size 0.8 em, the <p> text will show up as 80% of the browser 
default size; in NS it will show up as 80% of the parent element's size 
(the <td>), which is in turn 80% of the browser default size (so 80% of 80% 
of 1 em). Nest a few tags and it doesn't take long for your text to become 
a bumpy little line in NS.


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