[thelist] client needs search engine help...

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 14 00:19:46 CDT 2001

> From: "Lisa Frost" <lisa at koolfish.com>
> Hi John,

who's john?  what thread is this from?  i didn't see any 'In-Reply-To' 
or 'References' headers, and frankly, this sounds like spammage...  
given that both your domain and his domain map to an address in 
Bangkok, it kinda makes me wonder...

> I can't stand doing all the search engine stuff that my clients
> request. So when they start whinging that they are not be placed high
> up in the rankings I politely tell them that they need to start paying
> someone a monthly fee if they are serious and want someone to work on
> this for them. A lot of them don't understand that search engine
> optimisation is an on-going thing not just a one-off and then I

i don't agree with that... i just finished another thread on another list 
with some guy who said that was key... which is odd, given that 
search engines take weeks to months to visit a site, and penalize 
you for submitting over and over... there's little opportunity to do it 
all the time when you have to wait so long between submitting and 

and then there's the fact that i've submitted all my sites once, and 
they still get hit many times a week by a dozen+ search engines... 
and most of them still come up on the first page on targetted 
searches (kewords provided by client)... i never made any 
guarantees, but i still managed to pull it off without weekly 
massaging of content or resubmission...

> recommend they get in touch with a guy called [Foo Bar] whose company
> has a branch that specialises in this sort of thing. A few of my
> clients have used him and they seem quite pleased with the results.

good for you, but if this isn't spam and you really use him, you 
might want to see if his services are worth it... if you can learn 
good structural mark-up, have good copy, and useful meta-tags, 
along with a few other things (simple nav, good page titles, cross-
links, etc.), you can have a good ranking on some keywords (but 
not all, that's just how it is)...

> Also he doesn't nick your clients, you can say you already manage the
> site you just want the search engine stuff done by him. You can check
> out his services at his website: [foobar]


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