[thelist] webmonkey redesign

matt newell matt at sweetillusions.org
Thu Jun 14 14:12:33 CDT 2001

im going to go out on a limb here and plainly say that i dig the new
webmonkey. its a nice divergence from lame looking and poorly designed (both
in appearance and ue) "how i do that html stuff again" type sites.

being that i've referenced the site over the course of 5+ years, i think
their designs have gotten better with time, and them placing the info people
really want/need at the top is great. (beginners/builders/masters -- how to
library -- quick reference ... all really useful.

the text is readable and has a great "magazine" feel to it. especially for
the web.

and for history's sake .. wired has /always/ been responsible for absurd
color combos and crazy/slick printing methods (the iridescent orange papers
with silver inlays ring a bell?)

anyhoo, i think it fits them to a "t" and and glad to see their consistency
in doing edgy work.

        .. matt

        .. www.sweetillusions.org
        .. matt at sweetillusions.org

        .. in our madness evermore we rave - chaucer

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: What slays me is that under the "masters" link, they don't have much to
: Kinda funny.
: That's not a slam, just an observation that the content is a little
: ....
: <tip>
: In InterDev, you can associate a file to the editor of your choice. Right
: click on the file in the project view pane, choose "Open with..." and from
: there you can add multiple editors for that file extension. You can also
: any one as the default. For example, I have .gif files by default open in
: LView (PhotoShop and FireWorks are in the list), and .html files in
: DreamWeaver....
: </tip>
: sgd
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