[thelist] webmonkey redesign

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 14 15:00:49 CDT 2001

> From: Jay Greenspan <jay at trans-city.com>
> Well, why not. What's keeping you from being objective. If you take a
> second and think about it, is it really reasonable to expect a
> commercial site to render in browsers that are still in development?

i think that's a question for the WaSP...  and i think Netscape would argue 
that it's not in development, it is a full version release, after all...

> It seems they're using CSS correctly; if their code is valid, wouldn't
> your complaint be more appropriate for the Mozilla development team?

it also depends on their 'message'... are many of their articles about cross-
browser development as well as standards (this is rhetorical)?  if so, then it 
should be an issue... if not, then it just means they didn't take the time (for 
whatever reason, even if we feel it's invalid) to do it...

personally, i think it's a simple enough fix...

> > and oddly only the frontdoor is changed, the rest of the site is as
> > it was..
> Odd, maybe, but those who work on the Web may have an understanding of
> why this type of partial re-design is necessary.

thought i saw modified layout to accomodate the new 120x~600 ad 
format... which, of course, makes printing the pages worse than ever...

and the home page is a cluster in NN3, but i like how they've layered the 
stuff, and worst of all, and i feel like a guy staring at a crushed pedestrian, i 
actually *like* the zwizzy monkey circles... they match the theme of 
webmonkey quite well, historically at least... i do think, however, that 
instead of animated rollovers for the text of 'webmonkey', that animated 
rollovers of the icons for beginners/builders/masters would have been more 

it's just unfortunate it doesn't fit in my 640 window, and that the ad is larger 
than any of the content on the home page...

> Hint: you don't have the resources for a full re-design and your ad
> sales force is screaming for some more attractive ad space in an
> brutally competitive environment.

dump the ads !


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