was Re: [thelist] client needs search engine help...It is not spam

Lisa Frost lisa at koolfish.com
Fri Jun 15 01:59:11 CDT 2001

Hi all,
The reply I wrote to the thread about asking for search engine help and
offering a url to a guy who does this sort of thing is certainly not spam. I
lurk a lot on the list and have been a subscriber for well over a year.
Occasionally I ask for help and very occasionally I can offer a little bit
back. I am based in Bangkok. You can check me out at my domain. The guy I
suggested is someone I met here through the netpreneurs group that we run
here. We have a membership of about 30 serious business people in the IT
sector. My reply was certainly not intended as spam. Although I am based in
Bangkok I work with clients in Europe and the USA so I thought my suggestion
of looking at his site may have been of interest. We can offer the same
services as you folks all over the world. We are not Thai we are expats
trying to earn a living like everyone else. Sorry if my intended help got
taken the wrong way.

Lisa Frost
Koolfish Web Design
Bangkok, Thailand.

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