[thelist] ColdFusion file upload with MSIE Mac

cspruck at mindspring.com cspruck at mindspring.com
Fri Jun 15 11:41:47 CDT 2001


thelist at lists.evolt.org wrote:
>We've got a ColdFusion 4.5 application running under Windows NT 4.0. >There is a form that has anumber of text input fields and an input >type="file" field that allows the uploading of an image. When we try >to use this form with MSIE 5.0/Mac OS and do not specify a file to >upload ColdFusion pukes with an error, 
>I'm guessing maybe MSIE 5.0/Mac OS is passing some
>value in the form when it gets submitted.

Your last statement is correct. For some reason, a space gets appended to form fields that are passed with Mac IE5, so if you use the Trim function on the file field variable before the CFFILE code on your form processor page, it might set the value to null and not throw an error when you submit the rest of the form. 


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