[thelist] Newbie: web-based db

Moe Rubenzahl moe at maxim-ic.com
Fri Jun 15 18:56:49 CDT 2001

>I want to build a database to be accessed via browser.  I want to be 
>able to do all the work from home (on a Mac (OS 8.6)).  I don't want 
>to spend any money.

www.formsite.com lets you set up forms and basic databases for free. 
Might be able to accomplish your application.

No free web-serving databases for the Mac that I know of but if you 
are willing to spend a -little- money, get a used copy of FileMaker. 
Basic web forms capability has been in there for a couple of revs.

Advantage to both these solutions is they are easy and suitable for a newbie.

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