[thelist] not sure if this went through -- if so sorry for repost

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri Jun 15 19:06:29 CDT 2001

>>    <a href="mypage.htm"  target="_blank"
>>         onClick="popUp('mypage.htm'
>>          , 'PopUpWindow','width=520,height=640');
> >      return false;">link</a>
>doesn't work reliably either. any other ideas?

oh, it's reliable, but maybe not at giving focus to the popup window, which
is what you're trying to do...

i am not a javascript expert, but isn't it supposed to be

    <body onLoad="self.focus()">

with the () parentheses?

if that doesn't work, you can try forcing focus from the main window by
altering the link as follows

      <a href="mypage.htm"  target="_blank"
            , 'PopUpWindow','width=520,height=640');
        PopUpWindow.focus(); return false; ">link</a>

if that don't work either, i have run out of ideas and would love to see
the page for myself...


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