[thelist] Weird IE behavior

Marc Seyon seyon at delime.com
Sat Jun 16 10:21:41 CDT 2001

At 6/16/2001 02:31 PM, you wrote:

>>This is my first post. First pardon my English, I'm
>>I have a weird behavior in IE 5.5 Windows 98. If I
>>open two or more windows, when I switch to another
>>window sometimes I can't open the File menu bar (and
>>other options of course). I can only open it if only I
>>switch to another window and back again.
>>Would you help me with this irritating behavior.
>Sounds like a bug. Do you have a page we can view where this happens? (URL 
>please, no attachments).

I think it is a bug, but it's not site specific. I've encountered a similar 
problem. Sometimes, with multiple windows open, I can't bookmark a page - 
the menu just won't come up - unless I switch back and forth between 
windows then try it again.

Win 2k, IE 5.01 incidentally.


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