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Captain F.M. O'Lary ctfuzzy at canopy.net
Sat Jun 16 12:07:32 CDT 2001

I can offer some input, hopefully others can add more.

I approach my clients in a way that they understand they must incorporate
promotion of their web site right into their existing (traditional)
advertising. The URL goes on ~everything~ that gets
printed/copied/mailed/video taped etc.

We all know that just *being* on the web is not much different that ~not~
being on the web for all practical purposes. Traditional media is still (or
currently?) the best way to get your URL in front of people.

Strictly my opinion. Speaking from the "North Florida, USA" demographic area.

At 11:31 AM 6/16/01 , you wrote:
>	hi. i am a lurker from italy. since, in
>the last year, i have noticed a great development
>in print ads and other 'traditional' ways to
>promote web sites i was curious to know the state
>of this phenomenon in the rest of the world
>	i refer to both common commercial
>advertising campaign with posters or tv/radio
>spots and indipendent low-budget adhesives or
>photocopied flyers/a4 announces
>	are they a consolidated reality where you
>do live? which is the average target (newbies or
>www accustomed)? which sites produce such
>campaigns? and *which is the tone*?
>thanks for yr attention
>ah pook
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