[thelist] ADSL in the UK

Norman Beresford n.beresford at anansi.co.uk
Sat Jun 16 14:12:34 CDT 2001

Hi Keni

Our office is on an ADSL line of exactly your specifications, 512k down, 256
up, non NAT and we got 16 IP addresses as part of the package.  Rental is
about £100 a month.  We get our line from Clara.net, and they have been
excellent.  Very supportive during the install (according to them BT screw
up about 90% of the non-Nat installations), and we've had very little
downtime.  They offer a reseller package where you get 10% off line rentals
(including your own).  So yes we are re-sellers, but even if we weren't I'd
still recommend Clara.net to you.


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> Any one have any knowledge of ADSL in this country (UK)
> I need
> 512 DownLoad
> 256 Upload
> No Nat
> With Real IP's?
> I have the best price so far of
> £110 per month from BT
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