[thelist] looking for IE Identity string

the head lemur headlemur at qwest.net
Sat Jun 16 15:37:00 CDT 2001

I agree with your analysis of my page.
I will also agree to disagree. We both know this is a beta browser and this
feature may not make the final cut in the shipping version.
It is my site and my opinion.

>you've found them guilty simply for using a particular
> browser -- something which they may not even have control over.  they
> care if you don't like some new browser features.   they don't care if you
> blame microsoft for it.  the only thing they know or care about is that
> you're the one locking them out of your site -- not microsoft.

I agree with your conclusion..

My page reflects my opinion and is in beta.
Like the browser. I would rather look like an idiot today than support a
feature by adding additional code which will be overwritten and ignored by
the user preferences in the browser.

(this is already touted as a user enhancement as well as helping
"underlinked sites" whatever that means,  feature by MS as i am writing

I could  send you a cookie so that you would see it only once.
I could also include a link to the site after i made my point.
All of these will be considered as the browser gets closer to shipping.

> furthermore, you're locking them out simply for using a browser that has
> some features you dislike without any care for whether or not they've
> actually been enabled.

Which there is no way to check for currently.

>so, i'm a user that agrees with your distaste for
> the image toolbar and smart tags and have disabled these features.

> because my browser's user agent string matches your check i'm still denied
> access.  i'm sorry but that's just really f*cked up -- especially with all
> the hype developers put on using standards compliant browsers (for
> ie6) and my effort as a user to use the most standards compliant browser
> available.

Yes it is really f*cked up  and the ugliest thing I have ever done.

> why all the fuss over a preview release anyway.  don't you think that the
> fact that the <meta> tag for smart tags doesn't work is simply a bug and
> a feature?

Nor do I consider waiting a year or so to make a point after there are 2
million copies of it out there.

I also have over 20 websites whose owners pay me to help them make money,
with their own links, and have not indicated to me that smart tags are
something they want on their sites either.

But now I am on the escalating cycle of adding more code to a page, and
needing on it on every page to overcome these 'features'. If it actually
works at all.

which puts us right back to adding more code that browsers do not support
consistantly yet.

I will also agree to disagree.

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