[thelist] IIS(PWS) asp service under win2k?

Pearson, John JOHN.PEARSON at eia.doe.gov
Mon Jun 18 13:41:17 CDT 2001

....permissions is what I'm thinking, I'm at home so I cant fiddle.
Another reason appears to be an unregistered activex on the 
new machine which I definitely can't fix from home.

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At 01:55 PM 6/18/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>You mean the file reference versus the server reference.
>Pretty sure Im referencing it correctly, still no dice.
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>Hi John
>This is really obvious but are you definatly going via IIS?  Ie
>http://server/yourPage.asp as opposed to \\server\yourPage.asp?  That little
>one had me fooled for a couple of hours when I started out :(

Does the directory the page is in have permission to execute scripts?


John Meyer
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If we didn't have Microsoft, we'd have to blame ourselves for all of our 
programs crashing

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