[thelist] IIS(PWS) asp service under win2k?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Mon Jun 18 15:40:07 CDT 2001

Hi John,

Another voice chiming in here ... not sure about win2k - but on Win98 you
had to load PWS and then go back to the CD and load in ASP separately.  It
didn't automagically load with PWS (which _I_ think is kinda goofy - but



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From: Pearson, John [mailto:JOHN.PEARSON at eia.doe.gov]

I have just installed win2k on a clean hard disk, added and activated IIS as
server but its pretty clear that asp isnt running.  I can access any html
via the server but no asp pages.  Can anyone tell me where the secret
is?  The asp.dll is there.

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