[thelist] Win2K IE 5.5 and open.window?

Waller, Rio RWaller at fresno.ca.gov
Mon Jun 18 16:54:57 CDT 2001

Ok...so I loaded IE 6.0 (I know scary) and it fixed the problem!  Very Very

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> | Yes...I checked that first! It is turned on!  
> | 
> | I made sure that I am running the same version of IE 5.5 on 
> | NT and Win2K! :(
> | 
> | I will double check the IE settings!
> | 
> | Rio :)
> | 
> Hi Rio,
> Do you, perchance, get other issues in Win 2k -- like copy/paste not
> working
> right, drag and drop acting funny, etc.?
> I had this problem last year after installing IE 5.5 on Win2k. Let me not
> tell you about it.
> <tip type="Contacting Support">
> When contacting technical support for your product, or even doing searches
> on the web or in that company's Knowledgebase, first specify the type of
> technology you have (i.e. version, platform, etc.) and any specific error
> messages in the exact syntax. Then use words that users understand to
> describe the problem since this is how the technicians have been trained
> and
> the systems developed.
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> <tip type="Usability Principles: Feedback">
> When crafting user messages that report about an abnormal condition within
> the system, use language they understand, in the context they are using
> it.
> For instance, while they may understand "Your system is running
> dangerously
> low on memory...", the context of the usual user not working at a nuclear
> power plant or airport traffic control tower will become unnecessarily
> upset. 
> You also may find it beneficial to provide some technical information
> which
> follows the principle of visibility: show them what they need to know or
> do
> and hide what they don't at that time. When they contact your tech
> support,
> they need to see that technically fine-grain detail that the support
> analyst
> can use for a precise diagnosis, but not before. Making sure that your
> support team is knowledgeable about both of the messages is wise;
> especially
> effective if you've gone ahead and designed the software around the way
> your
> users actually work and what they want to accomplish -- your support team
> will be keenly aware of the technical aspect of the application and
> laypeople in the users' field of expertise.
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