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Arlen.P.Walker at jci.com Arlen.P.Walker at jci.com
Tue Jun 19 10:52:08 CDT 2001

FWIW, the man behind Aesop is Mark Joyner, he of the "1001 Killer Internet
Marketing Tactics."

I'm not offering that information as a reason not to trust it, though a
search engine site that requires you to give them your e-mail address,
which is run by high-end marketer like that *does* give one pause, at the
very least.

But I've read some of the search engine tactics he's written, and they
don't work in the better search engines. Aesop, for itself, is simply a
spider. Relevance ranking appears to be accidental. When I can search for
and find useful stuff there, I'll consider it further; until then I'll
pass, thank you.

On the general subject of search engine relevance, one of the tactics I
read about lately was to determine relevance by the number of outside
sources which link to a particular page. The basic concept is one of "peer
value." If other webmasters think your site is worth pointing to, then it
must be fairly good, so it rises in the ranks farther than one which is not
linked. I'm not sure about this; would it cause weblogs (among whom the
practice of blog-rolling is time-honored) to rise to the top of the

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