[thelist] HTML table alternating row problem

David Shadovitz david_shadovitz at xontech.com
Tue Jun 19 12:14:43 CDT 2001

Michele et al,

I should've mentioned that this work is on a secure intranet, so I
cannot point you to it.

I've made some progress, though.  The mention of classes was a red
herring.  The problem is that some of the table cells contain forms, and
Netscape seems to have trouble with *some* of these forms.

Perhaps someone can give me the lowdown on Netscape and forms within



Can we see what you have in your CSS file for the three classes
Or a URL.  That may help to narrow down the problem.


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| The classes are defined in an external style sheet.  The main purpose
| the data0 and data1 classes is to set the background color.  Users
| report that the "data1" rows look fine, but the "data0" rows are
| invisible - there's no data, and the rows' background color is the
| as the page's background color.  If these users view the page's source

| code, it looks fine.

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