FrontPage Server Extensions - are they REALLY necessary? (was RE: [thelist] MS Visual Studio & IIS Woes)

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Tue Jun 19 16:23:29 CDT 2001

Hey! That looks like the same content in a different article.

Ron, if you'd really really like to work without FPSE installed, you can
play with ASP without InterDev. At your level, it's not a big leap (that
means if I can do it even at my junior level, you shouldn't have any
trouble.) I've lived without 'em for quite a while.

Anyone know of a downside to my steadfast refusal to load the FrontPage
extensions on our web servers? Obviously, we're not using FrontPage or
making it available to anyone here internally or they'd be installed.

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I think we have a winner.

You are correct Matthias - I did not have FP extensions loaded.

Dang! <sigh> I guess I will load them in and see what happens.



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Try a solution from the evil empire ...

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