[thelist] Merchant Account?

Waller, Rio RWaller at fresno.ca.gov
Wed Jun 20 11:06:03 CDT 2001

Good Morning Everyone,
We are a new ISP looking for a financial institution who can provide us, as
well as our e-commerce clients, with a merchant account that works with the
CyberCash CashRegister Internet payment service. 
We are also interested in any partner or referral programs. We would like
the ability to add a small percentage to the existing "discount rate" and
the "fixed per transaction fees" on all our clients who sign up through our
link. Online applications for our clients would be the preferred method for
signing up a new account. 
I know this is long...but can you give me some idea about the going rate for
application fees, discount rates, fixed per transaction fees, monthly fees,
and any/all other fees involved based on your experience.

Rio Waller

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