[thelist] image ready 2/3

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Here's what you do:

Duplicate the sliced file, and remove all of the layers, save it.

Open modified file (with hundreds of layers), open the empty sliced file
(with nothing but slices). Select the document with hundreds of layers.
Make a new action, and start recording this:

1. Go to Layer:Duplicate Layer. Make sure you duplicate the layer from the
file with hundreds of layers into the empty sliced file.

2. Press alt-] (it means "select forward layer" -- I'm not sure what the
equivalent is for the mac, probably command-] or option-]).

Now stop recording. Assign the action at hotkey, like F4 or something.
Start from the bottom, and press F4 a hundred times. All of the layers
should be duplicated exactly into the empty sliced file.

Email me offlist if you'd like to talk about the
"illustrator/photoshop/imageready/html" production process.


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> Why in God's earth would you have need for 70 layers?

*i* dont. I need maybe 4 or 5. But the designers do. In a scenario where
production is happening in parallel to design, I need to be able to work
with the latest comp. Ideally I would simply import my slices from the
last version, check it over and hit save optimised to complete the
update. (I'll try the suggestion to link the layers and drag them over..
that sounds promising). What I don't want to do is insert a load of
steps into this process - ocating and selectively merging layers doesn't
take too long the first time, the 2nd time it's getting tedious, the 3rd
time its become a real pain and impediment to productivity. (or
something like that.. I get bored easily :)


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