[thelist] image ready 2/3

Sam-I-Am sam at sam-i-am.com
Wed Jun 20 17:27:04 CDT 2001

> In Fireworks, just copy that "Web Objects" layer from one document to the
> other... you can transfer slicing patterns from file to file. (Associated
> URLs and custom slice compression will be retained.) No "template" file is
> needed in that approach, just copy the slices.

ping pong. 
Might be time to switch back to fireworks. 

thanks John

<tip type="your browser is a development environment" author="sam-i-am">

IE 5.5 (pc)
This little bookmarklet will zoom in on the page. Useful I think. 

s.setAttribute('zoom','200%')}else s.setAttribute('zoom','200%');

unwrap it (it should be all on one line) and up to your links bar by
e.g. duplicating an existing favourite, and pasting this is as the Web
Document. I have a cheesy magnifying glass icon for mine. "Zoom" will
also do.

Hit the link to zoom, hit again to restore it.

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