[thelist] The Saga Continues: States issue warning to Microso ft.. (was 'Smart Tags Not')

Peter Kaulback pkaulbak at idirect.ca
Thu Jun 21 12:17:08 CDT 2001

In the wee hour of 12:11 PM 6/21/01 -0400, Kathleen Heytink bequeathed such 
tales as these:
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> > From: Erika Meyer [mailto:emeyer at lclark.edu]
> > honey, it isn't too late.
> > I heart my Mac.
> >
> > There's also Linux.
> >
> > In short, you are a free woman,
> > and there are options.
>Ah yes, but they are very expensive options because switching to MAC or
>Linux also means replacing all my software (an extensive collection attained
>by first saving to buy the programs, then carefully upgrading) and all my
>peripherals - scanner, tablet, zip drive, R/W CD rom etc.  Arrrrrgh!
>Not to mention our personal network and new cable modem.  Also my laptop and
>the PC I use at work would no longer be compatible.  And they say M$ has no
>monopoly - ha!
><tip type"Homesite">
>Love that right click/selection option.  You can also add line breaks and
>change case within the selection.
>Kath Heytink
>Web Designer
>Winebow, Inc

One large problem with all the hype about XP is that the majority of 
windows users on the planet are still on win95 and I don't think M$ is 
extending an upgrade to 95 users for XP, I'm probably wrong but they did 
the same thing for office XP and office95 users, no upgrade 
available.  Then again M$ is not supporting 95 and older OS's any longer 
either at the end of this year which will hurt any loyalty they have with 
these legions of 95 users, not to mention win 3/3.1/2/1 or pre DOS 
6.22.  Don't forget M$ will also end support for 98 and NT4 in 2003.  All 
of these announcements and XP too even before the final axe has fallen in 
the DOJ case which is coming up very quickly too.  As much as I despise 
windows I don't want to go back to OS/2 and dreamweaver doesn't run on 
Linux, it may soon but it doesn't right now.
Just a thought or two..

<tip type="Internet Explorer 5+">
If you don't want cookies running on your system and you have disabled them 
then you should also disable User Data Persistence.  Go into Tools/Internet 
Options/Security/Internet/Custom Level/ and scroll down to Miscellaneous 
and then find User Data Persistence".  It's an XML file storing all web 
page information, styles, variables and states you accumulate as you sail 
the web.
Peter Kaulback

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